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Q: Will financing build my credit?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Our finance companies report to the all the major credit bureaus, so if you make your payments on time you will see a substantial improvement in your credit score!!! This can lead to better rates and terms in the future for any financing that you (auto, personal, mortgage).

Q: Can I get approved with a single fixed income?

YES YOU WILL!!! All our finance company requires is that your income is at least $900 per month. If you receive that or more through a fixed income or a combination of incomes, you will be approved!!!

Q: What kind of insurance do I need for my vehicle?

If you are financing a vehicle through us, you are required by law to have full coverage insurance. If you are purchasing a vehicle cash, you can purchase any kind of insurance policy you would like for you vehicle.

Q: Can I get approved if I don't meet all requirements (for example make less then $900 per month)?

Yes!!! If you have someone who can go on the loan with you and together you guys have a total of at least $900 per month income, we can get you approved!!! For example if you make $600 per month, you just need somebody who makes $300 per month or more to get approved for a loan!!! This will also improve both of your credit scores for future purchases!!!

Q: Does the vehicle I am financing have any frame or flood damage?

No, it does not!!! All of our finance vehicles have been checked for frame damage, flood damage and have actual mileage. They also all have original titles. Our finance company will not finance a vehicle that shows frame damage, flood damage, salvage title, or not actual mileage.

Q: I have a vehicle that does not run anymore, will you take it as a trade?

Absolutely!!! We take any trade vehicle as long as you can somehow get it to our car lot!!! It does NOT have to be in running condition. The only requirements are that you have the title to the vehicle and we will use that towards your down payment!!!

Q: What are your hours of operation?

Apply online and call us to setup an appointment!

Q: What separates The Car Cove from other used car dealers?

A lot of things!!! We guarantee that we can get you approve and we deliver on that promise. Our finance specialists have years of experience and know how to get you approved and into a vehicle as quickly as possible. Perhaps the most important difference is that we care about our customers and strive to help them in any way that we can. The Car Cove is a family owned business that understands that customer service is paramount in being successful. Our employees work towards complete customer satisfaction and nothing less!!!